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Languages Work

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Continuing education

Most adult learners studying languages do so in their leisure time. Reasons for learning vary: for promotion at work perhaps, or to get into a new career. Very often adults study simply as a hobby or to improve their holiday experience. Increasingly adults are studying in order to be able to live and work abroad.

Study programmes are often designed to meet the varied needs of the general public as well as those of people who might be studying for purposes related to their work. Language courses are provided by colleges of further education, some schools and sixth form colleges and Specialist Language Colleges. We’ll show you how to find these courses. There is also a very large market for self-study materials, and key providers are listed here.

Learning at work
Exploring opportunities within your organisation.

Finding a course
To help you find a course to suit you.

Learning options for when you’re at home or on the move.

Other useful places to go to.

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